Clubs, 3D shoots, and indoor league shoots are some of the best family events in the great world of archery. If you are a new archer or have been bow hunting for many years, consider shooting a 3D shoot or indoor tournament.


Pre Made Strings and Cables
We have a variety of pre-made strings and cables ready to ship for those who are not picky on color and are ready to receive their product fast. These strings are made with the same quality and materials as our custom built strings. We have many bows built up and ready to go in Green and Brown with Green serving. We are adding new bows each constantly. Check out our pre-made strings for quick service in our online store.

Our Strings

About Us

We began manufacturing custom strings and cables almost a decade ago after discovering its was difficult to find a set of strings that were consistent and would last.

Compound Bow Strings

Don't fight you bow trying to hold it stable. Let Blue Line Archery stabilizers and weights do all the work.

Our strings and cables come with a 6 month warranty against stretch, creep, serving seperation and peep rotation.

Blue Line Stabilizers

Our Process

We hand build all strings and cables to your bows specific specs. Our strings are stretched at 450#'s of tension and served under tension to ensure stability and no stretch. Our 3 stage stretch process ensures equal strand tension and makes certain there is no stretch or creep in your string. We strive to make strings at the highest quality possible. We build every string as if we were putting it on one of our bows.

News and Info

Current build time is 3 days from order to shipment.

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