Q. How long does it take to receive my strings after I order?

A. Our average build time is 4 days from order to shipment. Certain times of the year orders can ship next day. However, orders placedin July, August and September will experience longer wait times from 7-14 days from order to shipment. Never wait until the last minute before Deer Season to order. March-May are much better times to get prepared.

Q. Do your strings come with a warranty?

A. Energy Wave Bowstrings come with a 6 month warranty against stretch, creep, peep rotation and serving separation. View our warranty page for full warrantydetails.

Q. Does your string set come with cables? Or just the string?

A. A strings and cable set comes with all strings and cables needed for your bow.

Q. Do you install speed nocks?

A. Energy Wave Bowstrings no longer installs brass speed nocks due to safety concerns. We do offers Bowjax String Sleeves and Pine Ridge Nitro Buttons as a replacement for speed nocks. Each product provides the same performance as brass speed nocks.

Q. What string and serving material do you use and why?

A. Energy Wave Bowstrings builds all strings and cables with BCY X string material. BCY X provides shooters with increased speed and increased stability. It is a blended material made of Dyneema and Vectran. The Vectran adds increased stability to the material creating the most stable string on the market.

For end serving we use Halo .014. Halo is a very small diameter braided serving. Halo is, in our opinion the most durable and abrasive resistant end serving on the market.

For Center serving we us .021 Angel Majesty. Angel Majesty is a tightly braided material that is resistant to serving separation under the D-Loop. Angel Majesty doesn't flatten out and separate each time a new d-loop is tied like other materials.

Q. Are Energy Wave Bowstrings Pre-Made strings the same quality and material as custom strings?

A. Energy Wave Bowstrings Pre-Made strings and cables are built with exactly the same materials and build process as our custom strings and cables. They also include the same warranty as our custom strings and cables.