Clubs, 3D shoots, and indoor league shoots are some of the best family events in the great world of archery. I learned shooting with my dad and have had many great years shooting with friends and family. If you are a new archer or have been bow hunting for many years, consider shooting a 3D shoot or indoor tournament. They can greatly improve your shooting and yardage judgment and are a lot of fun. Below are some of the clubs and shoot dates close to the Middle Tennessee Area. Additional information and directions can be found at the clubs website or at

Old Hickory Lake Bowman Club (OHLBC)
Twin Oaks Bowhunters
Elk River Archery Club
Mountain Archery (MNT Archery)
Montgomery County Bowhunters
Poole Knobs (LaVergne, TN)
LC-3D Archery

Shoot Dates

Feb. 4-5 Center Hill Lake Archery 

Feb. 4-5 Lazy Day 3D Archery

Feb. 12 OHLBC (Tri-State Qualifier)

Feb. 11-12 Mountain Archery

March 4-5 Mountain Archery (Tri-State Qualifier)

March 11 Lakeside 3D Archery

March 18-19 Center Hill Lake Archery

March 25-26 Lazy Day 3D Archery

April 2 OHLBC (Tri-State Qualifier)

April 1-2 Mountain Archery